McLadden’s Loyalty Rewards Program Terms


·      Enroll at any McLadden’s location or online at

·      You will receive your Loyalty Card and Welcome Package within 7-10 business days

·      Only one registration is allowed per person

·      Members of the same household may enroll for unique accounts

·      Points may be combined among members of the same household only

·      Rewards and point values are subject to change

·      Lost cards can be replaced only by the MRG corporate office at 860-370-5907


Earning Points

·      Earn one point for every dollar spent on food and beverage at all McLadden’s locations

·      Earn one point for every dollar spent on the purchase of McLadden’s Gift Cards, but not for their redemption

·      Earn one point for every dollar spent on McLadden’s Catering Events

·      Point values may change for certain promotions

·      The points-per-dollar ratio can be changed at any time

·      Members are entitled to earn points only for the portion of any guest check they pay (i.e., members do not earn points when a non-member they dine with pays the check)

·      Points are issued on the non-discounted portion of the check

·      Loyalty card must be presented at the time of purchase to earn points

·      In the event of a split check or multiple members dining together, points will only be earned for each individual member's portion of the check


Redeeming Points

·      Points may be redeemed online at

·      Points may not be combined except among members of the same household; please call the MRG Corporate Office to combine points at 860-370-5907

·      The available number of points must be sufficient to purchase the reward